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The Yaoi world

Have you heard about Yaoi and pondered all day what it means?Have you stumbled upon a yaoi anime and felt like you didn't understand what was happening? This is a simple guide to the fascinating world of yaoi, that will tel you all you need to know about this amazing Japanese theme.
But if the idea of the romance stories between to guys repulses you, please stop reading and search for something that you will enjoy.

Many people how interact in a way or another with the Japanese culture find it at first glance a bit weird.Many of the movies and animations, characteristic in Japan and Asia are so different from those in European or American countries that to some may appear odd or even disturbing.
But when you try to cross to barriers of culture, you will find Japanese anime and manga as being more fun to watch and read then any other animation or comic books in the world.

Yaoi, also known as Boy Love or Boy on boy action is a Japanese term used to describe an anime or manga with a homoerotic or homoromantic male relationships.Being female oriented, this kind of stories can be seen as a way girls can satisfy their desires of romance by watching love between to boys.
Usually in Yaoi, girl characters are seen very little and do not hold big roles in the story's ark, or if they do they either are a villain character or soon die, leaving the leading roles to be played buy men.
Maybe men is not the right word considering the fact that in yaoi, usually the characters are adolescent or young males, fresh out of puberty.Some of the stories feature idealistic love set in a romantic setting, but others address more problematic subjects such as acceptance, rape or society mistreatment.

In a yaoi anime or manga the couple is made form a seme (attacker) and a uke (receiver).This names originate from the martial arts and transcended to the gay and became the way to distinguish the partners.The uke is the receptive partner in anal sex.
In a manga or anime the uke looks usually more feminine and has softer features, almost always being characterized by the younger age or shorter height, him being the dominated personality.A uke is more likely to display feminine reactions and feelings, like crying or sharing the sentiments of love.

I've heard a lot of people saying that yaoi is Japanese porn videos, but they are making a big confusion.So, let's make things clear.
Hentai is the type of anime or manga witch consists from pornographic stories and less romance.There are some types of hentai that include boy on boy materials, but this should not be mixed up with yaoi, witch are more inclined on romance.
Sure, it displays some sexual activities, but many of them are not as graphic as a hentai sex scene.Usually the partners are facing each other, rarely preferring the game of domination of going from behind.

So, I hope I've changed your opinion about yaoi and now maybe you'll want to watch one :D

If you still have questions about the subject, feel free to comment and ask.

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