vineri, 15 aprilie 2011

New Way Of Bringing Back The Old Times Dates

Sometimes you think that you dates and the stuff that you were doing than vanish along time ago, just find yourself in the routine of every day like staying in the morning reading the newspaper and drink coffee... or  the same position over and over till death throws you apart ?
Hmm that’s the truth at least most of the married people or the ones who live together get at this point and they just keep on and enjoy that monotony … that for me looks pretty weird but I think I got some ideas for that to change. So let’s make things spice and more fun that’s the basic idea of a relationship to hold ! First thing that is coming threw my mind is the kitchen you can both experiment some new foods and cook them together , not just standing there and wait for the food to cook , also beside the food try some wines that will get things more interesting and the aroma to your life . Second idea to lazy to go for a walk , buy a dog you will get out of the house more often enjoy some fresh air together , explore nature together and your dog will love that , also you can both play with him like cache the ball or the Frisbee . This one is requiring simple planning like at least once a month make a trip some were there are many places that surround us with marvelous landscapes and we don’t know about it … explore them just the two of you discover things and make good memories that you will cross your mind every time you look at your traveling photo album ! Another physically idea sport or work out , go at the gym together or go jogging  together race your self and take the race further after a close shower . Or another one my favorite it’s surprising your partner simply by thinking about one thing that will make the time you spend just marvelous , like go some were enjoy the sunset together , have a wonderful dinner in a place that you never think about it , spend some quality time together in the most simple things just enjoy life and her small gifts that you can provide them and you have them.If you want something more spicy and to get the groove on fast fast you can watch some free porn and after that you can try what you’d seen .
Even if you are married have kids and a full time job you can do this things don’t be afraid of getting out of the monotony and think outside of the box ! 

joi, 14 aprilie 2011

People Bad Vision About Free Porn

Many people make a big fuss about free porn and porn in generally, on the Internet and off-line world. Why ? Because many people are watching porn and are afraid and ashamed about the fact their doing this and many almost daily do that. Truth is that the “society “ is very pretentious and the people from the society don’t do this … like really ? How you have kids ? Your not going to make sex … and kinky stuff … and everybody is living with the impression that is fooling everybody …. they just shut up and say that they never did anything related to porn or watch in their life free porn videos … and they are against it every freaking time . Why ? because is “ bad for the kids  “ ,”it’s disrespectful “ , “ it’s  obscene ,bad and they don’t want to see that “ see people just use tons of reason just because they are ashamed of it and don’t want to recognize a true fact , and they go rampage against something they like but is not accepted in the society …. Bad news for you dears “ porn haters “ Google really started a big campaign against you favorite website ( adult one’s ) so now you have to get the adult programs on the TV and block them for good and hope your kids wouldn’t find it . See you going to realize what mistake and consequence when you are and go against something you like very much . Hypocrisy is one of the most bad things that a human can develop because their aren’t open minded  and they are afraid and without personality to stand up for their rights and freedom of expression. This day’s it’s a big problem because what people made their going against it because they realized that is good to be fake and start a war against it to give no clues that you are really enjoying that. Also parents are so frustrated because their kids get in to the industry or jerk post movies with their experience on the Internet ok that I understand but is not every body’s fault here because you should fight against does guy’s and the websites that allows that type of content.  Not everybody is to blame for others actions and because they update it the right version to their hypocrite ideas and needs or jokes. Porn industry is not the best thing but you all enjoy free porn and other materials out there so you should be more honest with you and the rest because people that offer you that their paying and are destroyed by people like you.

luni, 11 aprilie 2011

Where Relationship Fail

Sometimes we think that everything is perfect and the best in a relationship, but we don’t see the times when things will go very bad. Blindfold  we walk this road till we get there , and you think what really happened that you get here in this moments. Relationships can have big fights and problems , that’s why you have to think about it , and be prepared because is going to hit you when everything appears perfect . Problems can come from everything like stupid reasons , or small mistakes … You can’t be perfect so take that in consideration before you go nuts and blame yourself. How you can work out your problems ? Definitely you can try to work it out ! Sit down with you partner  and try to talk about it ,see his point of view and hear what he has to say and after tell him what you think and try to make a decision related to what it has to be done to get out from this situation. Why I’m saying this? Because communication can save everything ! without communication there will sure be trouble and things that are let unsaid , in any moment will blow up and will be very hard to straight up or impossible some times because is just too late. If you are lucky some times you can solve this impossible things but nothing will be the same … Now your skating on thin ice , one mistake and you will fall ! So you have to be very careful with your actions.But  be prepared to  encounter the next problem that your partner will do mistake’s and will expect to forgive him for everything … don’t let that happen because things will turn bad , because his gone think that he is allowed to do everything he wants  and will “ mop the floor with you “ .  And you  don’t want  that …. If that is going to happen you have to abandon ship … because no matter your feelings and mistake’s  you don’t deserve to be humiliated and beaten-up sentimental like that …! So if you loose your girlfriend  or your boyfriend after a thing like this  don’t  start to worry and start isolate yourself from the rest of the world because are people there how deserve your love and your attention or there will always be free porn hahaha lol a joke ! Believe in yourself and keep going in life !

marți, 5 aprilie 2011

Food for sex



Sex is plastered everywhere this days.And any normal thing can get sexual connotations in the hands of some dirty little minds.Even food has not escaped the sex wars.Even eaten a banana in public and not felt all the eyes on you?

That’s because we tend to see some foods as sexual hints and jokes.But did you know that some foods can actually help you sex life?Not only being a kinky object  but as a perfect diet plan for a hot steaming night.

So, choosing the right food is not only important but will increase the before and after effect of your sexual encounter.

Some veggies and fruits have very special aphrodisiac proprieties and eaten in the right dosage, they will help your lover to reach a faster orgasm, or prolong the sexual act itself.Greens like ginger, corn, fresh salads, carrots and cucumbers will make you wild and horny after a light meal.But things like potatoes, especially chips or crisps are very bad for you mood.
Or try some fruits like cherries, figs, grapes and lime.Need a fast energy booster? Try eating some freshly cut slices of papaya or avocado.

Also in the kinky category of food you will find berries like raspberries and last but not least strawberries.Try eating them in bed or just toying with them and adding some chocolate!And if you and your lover are nuts about nuts, then the best ones are from the country that give to us the miracle of Brazilian waxing.

Last on the list is the most powerful sex food ever invented.Chocolate can be served cold or hot, in chunks or melted and poured on your lovers body.It is said that dark chocolate in particular will boost your desires and help the blood flow faster in some special places.

So if you are either a vegan or a chocolate addict, what ever your poison may be, you surely have a lot of things to choose from.And if you still need some hints about what to do, try searching the web for some free porn movies in witch food is the primary subject of some bad girl’s desires.

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