marți, 1 februarie 2011


My name is Amanda.Amanda Valentine.
I started this blog because I think we all have to relax from time to time.And what is the best way to relax? Just think of your favorite activity, except eating brunch with your friends....Yes, you guess it right: SEX.
We all heard that sex sells.In music, in advertising and even when it comes to cocktails, everything has to be sexy or kinky.
So my blog won’t be about my good or bad relationships, we have a lot of those polluting the web air.It will be about the sexiness that surrounds us at every move.About music that make us take our clothes off and have a wild party with our partners.
I just wish next time when your drinking a Sex on the Beach, or just watching Sex and the city, you will think about my posts.And maybe when you'll watch a free porn movie you'll think of a great idea for me to write about.
I encourage you to ask me questions and help me out when I’m in a writers block.
I really hope we could become friends.

With love, your valentine!

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