joi, 17 februarie 2011

My Valentine's day rash

Marketing love at every street corner.Selling fluffy love symbols, and sweets that show affection on a wrapper.Feeling like s#$%%t when you don’t have someone to spend this day with.You’ve guess it, it’s Valentine’s Day everybody!
And as hard as I can concentrate, I can’t find a good thing about it.I really can’t.
Shouldn't we show our love each and every single day of the year? Shouldn't we give gifts when we like and buy silly presents when you feel like?
So way the hell do we need a Valentine’s day?

I’ll tell you way.Because stores can’t keep all year long an aisle full with read fluffy crap.They can’t sell love every day of the week.They need schedules, and buyer patterns and a time frame in which people would need certain products.
Just think of all the shops on Christmas or Easter.Think of the busy aisle of the malls on Thanksgiving.Or just imagine the special places opened only in the summer, where you can cool off with a good ice cream and a freshly squeezed ice cold juice.

They had to fit love somewhere.So they choose February as the month of love.Why this special month?
Because in the beginning of spring, people are feeling depressed.They are trying to find a place in the world that’s constantly evolving.They will feel the need to share some part of them with others.They will feel the desire to express some form of love.
So Valentine’s day was born.

Really people? I would rather get the day off, sit at home and watch a free porn movie while masturbating.I will prefer to be left to my own business and get no disturbance in a day where love is in the air.It’s not because I have something against love, but because I feel that Valentine’s day is fake.Is as plastic as the heart shaped toys sold in China Town.

So this year like in all my adult years, I’ve got a terrible rash and I couldn't get out of my bed.
Not one date, not one drink.I stayed in bed all day long and worked on my writing.And of course, taken care of my awful irritating rash.I call it the Valentine’s Day rash.Though, you could probably use this excuse on anything, transforming it into : The Christmas-family-dinner rash,
The Not-ready-to-meet-your-parents rash and another of my favorite ones, The I-was drunk-that-day-but-not-now rash.

But you guys, if you really need to schedule your love making and present giving, have a happy Valentine’s week!

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