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Food for sex



Sex is plastered everywhere this days.And any normal thing can get sexual connotations in the hands of some dirty little minds.Even food has not escaped the sex wars.Even eaten a banana in public and not felt all the eyes on you?

That’s because we tend to see some foods as sexual hints and jokes.But did you know that some foods can actually help you sex life?Not only being a kinky object  but as a perfect diet plan for a hot steaming night.

So, choosing the right food is not only important but will increase the before and after effect of your sexual encounter.

Some veggies and fruits have very special aphrodisiac proprieties and eaten in the right dosage, they will help your lover to reach a faster orgasm, or prolong the sexual act itself.Greens like ginger, corn, fresh salads, carrots and cucumbers will make you wild and horny after a light meal.But things like potatoes, especially chips or crisps are very bad for you mood.
Or try some fruits like cherries, figs, grapes and lime.Need a fast energy booster? Try eating some freshly cut slices of papaya or avocado.

Also in the kinky category of food you will find berries like raspberries and last but not least strawberries.Try eating them in bed or just toying with them and adding some chocolate!And if you and your lover are nuts about nuts, then the best ones are from the country that give to us the miracle of Brazilian waxing.

Last on the list is the most powerful sex food ever invented.Chocolate can be served cold or hot, in chunks or melted and poured on your lovers body.It is said that dark chocolate in particular will boost your desires and help the blood flow faster in some special places.

So if you are either a vegan or a chocolate addict, what ever your poison may be, you surely have a lot of things to choose from.And if you still need some hints about what to do, try searching the web for some free porn movies in witch food is the primary subject of some bad girl’s desires.

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