vineri, 15 aprilie 2011

New Way Of Bringing Back The Old Times Dates

Sometimes you think that you dates and the stuff that you were doing than vanish along time ago, just find yourself in the routine of every day like staying in the morning reading the newspaper and drink coffee... or  the same position over and over till death throws you apart ?
Hmm that’s the truth at least most of the married people or the ones who live together get at this point and they just keep on and enjoy that monotony … that for me looks pretty weird but I think I got some ideas for that to change. So let’s make things spice and more fun that’s the basic idea of a relationship to hold ! First thing that is coming threw my mind is the kitchen you can both experiment some new foods and cook them together , not just standing there and wait for the food to cook , also beside the food try some wines that will get things more interesting and the aroma to your life . Second idea to lazy to go for a walk , buy a dog you will get out of the house more often enjoy some fresh air together , explore nature together and your dog will love that , also you can both play with him like cache the ball or the Frisbee . This one is requiring simple planning like at least once a month make a trip some were there are many places that surround us with marvelous landscapes and we don’t know about it … explore them just the two of you discover things and make good memories that you will cross your mind every time you look at your traveling photo album ! Another physically idea sport or work out , go at the gym together or go jogging  together race your self and take the race further after a close shower . Or another one my favorite it’s surprising your partner simply by thinking about one thing that will make the time you spend just marvelous , like go some were enjoy the sunset together , have a wonderful dinner in a place that you never think about it , spend some quality time together in the most simple things just enjoy life and her small gifts that you can provide them and you have them.If you want something more spicy and to get the groove on fast fast you can watch some free porn and after that you can try what you’d seen .
Even if you are married have kids and a full time job you can do this things don’t be afraid of getting out of the monotony and think outside of the box ! 

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