luni, 11 aprilie 2011

Where Relationship Fail

Sometimes we think that everything is perfect and the best in a relationship, but we don’t see the times when things will go very bad. Blindfold  we walk this road till we get there , and you think what really happened that you get here in this moments. Relationships can have big fights and problems , that’s why you have to think about it , and be prepared because is going to hit you when everything appears perfect . Problems can come from everything like stupid reasons , or small mistakes … You can’t be perfect so take that in consideration before you go nuts and blame yourself. How you can work out your problems ? Definitely you can try to work it out ! Sit down with you partner  and try to talk about it ,see his point of view and hear what he has to say and after tell him what you think and try to make a decision related to what it has to be done to get out from this situation. Why I’m saying this? Because communication can save everything ! without communication there will sure be trouble and things that are let unsaid , in any moment will blow up and will be very hard to straight up or impossible some times because is just too late. If you are lucky some times you can solve this impossible things but nothing will be the same … Now your skating on thin ice , one mistake and you will fall ! So you have to be very careful with your actions.But  be prepared to  encounter the next problem that your partner will do mistake’s and will expect to forgive him for everything … don’t let that happen because things will turn bad , because his gone think that he is allowed to do everything he wants  and will “ mop the floor with you “ .  And you  don’t want  that …. If that is going to happen you have to abandon ship … because no matter your feelings and mistake’s  you don’t deserve to be humiliated and beaten-up sentimental like that …! So if you loose your girlfriend  or your boyfriend after a thing like this  don’t  start to worry and start isolate yourself from the rest of the world because are people there how deserve your love and your attention or there will always be free porn hahaha lol a joke ! Believe in yourself and keep going in life !

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